Frequently Asked Questions

(Safety And Movement Monitoring System)

What is SAMM?

The Safety And Movement Monitoring System is a revolutionary MRI camera System/CCTV System, which allows a technologist to easily monitor the MRI patient while inside the magnet.

What is a CCTV System?

A Closed Circuit TV System is a limited or closed system of video monitors on a private network. This is also called a video surveillance system.

Why do I need a SAMM System in my MRI Suite?

SAMM System works as a second pair of eyes for the technologists. This necessary system ensures safety and thorough observation for your patients during MRI scans.

How is SAMM System set up?

The cameras, camera mounts, and cables are located in the MRI room, which is linked through an RF shielded cable to the technologist’s observation room. Inside the observation room, an HD monitor shows a live-feed video.

How many cameras are included?

You may choose between our single or multi-camera SAMM System Packages. 1 to 4 cameras are available and can be mounted on any wall in the magnet room.

Why do I need more than one camera?

With more cameras, you can look through more vantage points in the MRI suite. We usually recommend 3 cameras: one placed in the front of the bore; one at the back of the bore; and, one directed at the door.

What does the base package include?

HD Monitor

HD Video Camera with mount

Noise Isolation Filter

Camera Power Supply

Cables and Connectors


What is the price?

The price is dependent on the number of cameras, the strength of your magnet, and DVR options. SAMM Systems come in an array of options at affordable prices. You can find out more at SAMMSystems.com.

Is there another use for the SAMM System?

Absolutely. SAMM System is not only for watching patients. With the DVR option, you can record for training exercises or use the system as overnight surveillance. In addition, the system works as a layer of legal protection for your facility.

Does SAMM work with all MRI systems?

SAMM Systems work with up to a 3T system. Also, the SAMM System works with all major MRI scanners, such as GE, Siemens, Philips, and Toshiba.

Where can I find detailed specifications on the system?

We have all of SAMM Systems specifications available at SAMMSystems.com.

Is the SAMM System RF shielded?

The entire SAMM System is RF shielded and filtered to remove any unwanted image artifacts. The RF shielding will also allow your SAMM System to deliver an uninterrupted HD video during your imaging process.

What is the warranty on the SAMM System?

The SAMM System comes with a one-year warranty on all parts and labor.

Does the video feed gets recorded somewhere or can it be set up to get recorded on a server or something?

The single-camera system gives a direct feed to the monitor. This feed can be taken and fed to a DVR (Purchased Separately) or provided by the customer.

A multiple camera SAMM systems has a video Multiplexor with a direct feed to the monitor. This feed can be taken and fed to a DVR (Purchased Separately) or provided by the customer.

Can an additional monitor be added to view the picture in an additional room at the location?

Yes, the video feed can be split into multiple sources using an adapter (sold separately).